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Our Class Blog Catalog

Page history last edited by James Erbe 5 years ago

Your blog is a vital part of the communication bridge between you, your classmates, and your instructor. As blog addresses are added to this page, pay a visit to see what your colleagues are thinking and writing about.


By the way, notice the different blog hosts and templates we've chosen. We'll have a nice set of examples when we're done.


When you add your blog to this listing, please start by checking your name and location for accuracy. Then enter the address of your blog, formatted as a link. Notice the Add Link tool above. Place the cursor after the dash following your name and location. The click on the Add Link tool and paste your URL into the window indicated.


Be sure to click on the Save button when you're done!

Jim Erbe, Davenport, FL - http://assessonlinelearning.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/a-sad-and-puzzling-state-of-affairs/

Tania Basten, Minneapolis, MN - http://taniabasten.weebly.com/blog 

Taylor Daus, Suamico, WI - http://tjdaus1.edublogs.org  (brand new!)

Crystal Fishman, Howell, NJ - http://crystalfishman.weebly.com/

Jeanne Goodwin, Virginia Beach, VA - http://jgoodwinmt101.weebly.com/e-portfolio-assessment-in-e-learning-educ-762-072015.html 

Erick Jensen, Appleton, WI - https://erickjensen.wordpress.com

Cynthia Koons, Ada, Ohio - https://cynk55.edublogs.org/  

Mike Odom, Point Clear, AL - https://elearnbydoing.wordpress.com/ 

Kyle Oksiuta, Madison, WI - https://kostout.wordpress.com/ 

Rebecca Peltz, Edmonds, WA - http://peltzr.edublogs.org/  

Allison Pop, Huntington Beach, CA - https://mythsfitness.wordpress.com/

Janet Rundquist, St. Paul, MN - https://onlineassessmentrundquist.wordpress.com/ 

Connie Schauer Spencer, WI - conniejeanschauer.wordpress.com     

Kevin Simon, Columbus, GA - http://nbamwj.edublogs.org  

Jennifer Staidl, Menomonie, WI - http://jenniferstaidleportfolio.weebly.com/assessment-in-e-learning-blog 

Lisa Weaver, KauKauna, WI - https://lisajenningsweaver.wordpress.com/


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Erick Jensen said

at 8:49 pm on Jul 10, 2015

Erick Jensen, Appleton, WI - https://erickjensen.wordpress.com

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